What is Yoti?

Yoti is an independent, global trusted identity platform which uses a combination of government IDs and biometrics to give people a verified identity.

We have partnered with Yoti to create a unique integration which makes EntrySign the only visitor management solution that guarantees the identity of your visitors and at the same time speeds up the sign-in process.

Anyone with connectivity, an accepted smartphone and official ID document can create a Yoti. Their personal details are then encrypted with 256-bit encryption and they can safely prove who they are with their digital identity. It takes less than 5 minutes to create a Yoti and Yoti ensures your verified identification data remains private and your visitors have full control over the data they wish to share with EntrySign.

Yoti can be used for many other things as well as signing in on EntrySign. Verify the identity of people you've met online, prove your age on nights out or at the supermarket self-checkout, and even use it to manage your passwords. Yoti has become Jersey's official digital identity provider, it's technology is being trialled at Heathrow to help passengers check-in and has also been selected by The Improvement Service in Scotland to help transform local and regional services. Scottish residents now have an easier and safer way of proving their age and entitlement to access a wide range of services, rewards and discounts using Yoti.

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